About Fox Force Five

Fox Force Five was created in the beginning of Cataclysm with a focus on starting a 10 man raiding group and casual leveling.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for dedicated (casual) players that know how to relax and have fun but can focus when it's time to raid. We don't expect you to be a pro gamer but we want you to play at your best and be willing to improve. You should know the basics of your class, be willing and able to learn new fights and mechanics and be able to accept constructive criticism. Ventrilo will be required for raiding as well as having a mic to be able to communicate. You need to be able to speak when necessary.

What we can offer you:

A fun raid enviroment where you won't get yelled at for making mistakes, although...we might tease you. Items that get DE'd will go to raid enchants and BoE epics that get sold will go to funding the guild bank for raid repairs.

We use loot council for loot system. Basically, be kind to those you raid with and think of the progress of the raid before your personal needs. The more gear the raid gets, the more/better gear you get in the long run. We use the in game roll system, need on things you want and we'll distribute it accordingly.

Our goal:

To clear HC content at a steady pace and have fun!

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